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A couple weeks ago in my ESL class we can choose whatever we want to study. Related to the term, it’s the last term before we finish this year school. So we just have 9 weeks to do this project. I choose to learn how to make a pancake. I choose this because I never make a pancake before. But my friends said that making a pancake is easy so I search a recipes that quite difficult.

The task in the first week is to do the knowledge. In knowledge we should to search more information about the project that we do. So I search like about 3 recipes that I like.

Then in the second weeks is to do a comprehension. So in this week I explain what is my project about, compare from the 2 pancakes that I like what is the advantages and the disadvantages, and the last one is to discuss with my communities how to combine them into one stunning dish.

Ok now is the third weeks which is Application. Yeah finally it’s the most part that I loved most from doing this project is to make the PANCAKE !!!. so the first task is to show how to make the pancake, then use the tool properly, and least but important illustrate the ingredients. 

Let’s move on to the next step. So this week we are doing our analysis. Analysis is to look something more closely.
Like I already told you guys at the beginning I choose to make a pancake in this project.

My community is my family so when I done making my pancake I ask them it is good or bad? , What I need to improve?, Does the its delightful?.
Making a pancake also can impact on a society or community like help getting closer relation to others.

Now I will tell you why making a pancake can help getting closer relation to others. Like your mom and dad or your brother are tired of working everyday and you can make them a pancake the best day to make them a pancake is on weekend. With just making a pancake it can help us getting closer relation to others especially your family why? Because when we eat it together unwittingly you can have a family time to talk to each other’s.

When I ask them “how does its taste?” they said the appearance and the taste is pretty good but they think I put too much ground cinnamon in there so next time if I make a pancake again I will put less ground cinnamon.  

Oh yeah check this out guys  this is when I do my interview with Mr.Jabiz:


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Freak the Mighty Essay

                  How does Max change throughout the book?

Max changing throughout the book Freak the Mighty mostly helped by his friends Kevin which also called Freak through some moment. Max is the protagonist in the novel Freak The Mighty. He has a big ear, he is an orphan, he live with his Grandma and grandpa, Gram and Grim, he is lonely and his Friends think that he is a freak additionally he is also a introvert. Together with Kevin they made “Freak the Mighty”.
This is the way that Max changing :
         •      have more confidence 
At the first of story
Max is not happy with his body because he feels like albino walrus (-p. 44)
it proves that he is not a confident person. But later in the story Max is changing from a shy boy to be a confidence one because he already have a friend and family that care of him and help him to improve to become a better person. When Max went into the genius class the whole class make fun of him but Kevin going to the top of Max’s shoulder and shouted “Freak the Mighty Freak the mighty” and their friends shouted it to. That way Kevin helped Max to be confidence.
feel smart 
Since Max and Kevin becomes a friend, Max feeling strong and smart. Because Kevin always help Max.
I’m(Max) standing there with Freak high above me and it fells right, it makes me feel strong and smart (-p.78)
Not lonely anymore
Before Kevin and Max become a friend Max is a shy and also an introvert person but when they become a friend Max is not feel lonely anymore because he have someone to lean on.
Max think he is a butt head then, they became freak the mighty. Because max don’t feel lonely anymore (-p.19).

All in all Max changing was causes by Kevin support. In there moment together. from not a confident person to be a confident one, from a introvert person to be an open person, from a butt head person became smart, and from a lonely person and now having a buddy which is Kevin him self.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pancake oH Pancake 2

Ok so this is the 4th week we do the project. This week we do the Comprehension task.
And oh yeah this is the video for this task...
Please enjoy guys  !

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pancake oh Pancake

And yeah, hello everyone i'm back :D. I feel so excited in my ESL class because we can choose one topic to learn about. I choose to make a pancakes, because i never make it before. Well maybe its quite easy to make it but yah i just curious how to make it. There's my friends who make a cupcake, tart cake, T-shirt, 3D watch, and etc.

My community is my classmate. Then i had an idea to do a vote, but first i pick three pancakes that i like the most which is : 1.Berry Pancake, 2.Banana Pancake, and 3.Buttermilk Pancake, then told them to choose one. And pancakes that got the most votes is Berry Pancake. Here's the photo of that three pancakes :
I bet after you seen this photo you would be choose the Berry Pancake like my other friends.

1. Berry Pancake

2. Banana Pancake
3. Buttermilk Pancake
I think it will be nice if i made a new recipe, by combine those three pancakes into one stunning dish.
My plan is to make the skin like the banana pancake but the garnish maybe like the berry pancake which consisted of Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Refined Sugar, and maybe Maple Syrup.

I find some websites that inspired me to make a pancakes and also there's include the recipes in it. This website is good, umm and also this is good too.

-Special note : 1. How to make an healthy pancake but also delicious ? 
2.Guys if you have a perfect recipe to make a pancake please comment ya thank you for your attention and help-

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hey guys this is my adverb project i make it with Dvolver, this web is quite awesome. So yeah please enjoy :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So Much Depends Upon...

After we all read "The Red Wheelbarrow" poem, Mr.Jabiz told us to also make a poem with using word "So much depends upon.." and here's my poem, i hope you like it :)

So much depends upon 
You make my world colorful 
Like a rainbow in the sky
Whispering a melodic news 

So much depends upon 
People need your shining light
When he show his awesome light
All the rain is getting shy

So much depends upon
I know you were very tiny
But your taste is so yummy
Like a jolly family